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Ford is one of the largest automobile manufacturers of the world. It has been in running for over 100 years now, and is still making its mark all over the world. It constantly thrives to make the best automated vehicles. Ford Motor Company manufactures unique designs and their cars are known to be the best quality available in the market. The company has garnered millions of loyal fans and customers.
Ford was established in 1903 by the legendary Henry Ford in collaboration with Dodge Brothers. The company produces almost 50% of the cars used in the U.S. Ford Motor Company possesses great respect and popularity amongst the masses.
Ford’s current logo, also known as Centennial Blue Oval, was updated in 2003 on the company’s 100th anniversary. The original logo was designed by C. Harold Will.

Shape of the Ford Logo:
The shape of the logo is oval which looks simple yet elegant, giving the overall logo maximum visual distinctiveness.

Color of the Ford Logo:
The new Ford logo also contains the blue color, just as the previous ones did, but the color is mixed with white to give it a smooth shady effect. The combination gives the logo a pretty sight.

Font of the Ford Logo:
The font of the Ford logo has been consistent. Almost no modifications were made to the font, and it has been stylish and sophisticated from the time it was created.
The new Ford logo has been very fruitful for the company. The logo is widely considered as one of the most successful car logos in the world

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