Honda official emblem illustrator vector source file

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This is Honda official emblem illustrator vector source file. The zip file contains the high quality image shown above and the illustrator vector source file.

Design Elements of the Honda logo:

The Honda logo produces very elegant picture of the company’s recognition and reputation across the world. The twists and curves produced by it are innovative in design and mark a masterpiece in the world’s most famous logos.

Shape of the Honda logo:

The Honda logo changes with the operating units, nevertheless maintains the sophistication in each one of them. The Honda motorcycles have the Honda wings logo; Acura automobiles have the Honda ‘A’ logo; Honda racing cars come with Honda racing logo; Honda automobiles with the Honda ‘H’ logo; and the Shipping carries the Honda Marine logo. Generally, the Honda logo comprises of the same identity, the ‘H’, appearing wide from the top and narrower as it nears the bottom.

Color of the Honda logo:

The color of the Honda logo is silver-grey or metallic showing a very shiny and impressive depiction of the brand. The logo complimented by the light shown from the background appears very stylish as it shows the eventual reflections.

Fonts of the Honda logo:

The fonts of the Honda logo are present beneath the monogram in a fine, simple, roman style; both looking simple and well-designed in appearance. They are caps-locked and bold in order to highlight the presence of the world renowned brand.

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